SQL diagnostic manager

Increases SQL Server availability
SQL diagnostic manager continuously monitors the entire SQL Server environment and provides immediate, customized notifications when performance or availability issues are discovered. Once notified, DBAs and other administrators can quickly investigate, diagnose and correct performance and availability problems from the SQL diagnostic manager console.

Provides a comprehensive view of current performance
SQL diagnostic manager summarizes current server status across the enterprise, making it easy to drill into servers that are experiencing performance problems. An animated, single-server monitor collects and displays extensive real-time activity, status and performance information for sessions, queries, system resources, databases, services, and logs.

Stores data in the centralized SQL diagnostic manager Repository
SQL Server performance data is stored in the central SQL diagnostic manager repository, enabling DBAs to create a variety of reports for strategic analysis – such as trend analysis, capacity planning, data comparison, data correlation, and forecasting.

Improves the productivity of both skilled and novice DBAs
SQL diagnostic manager delivers unprecedented visibility of over 230 performance metrics, organized into logical data views with the ability to drill down to pinpoint the root cause of performance issues. Console display and options can also be customized to each user’s preferences.

Offers easy installation and use
SQL diagnostic manager can be installed quickly with no agents or other database objects required on the monitored servers. A typical installation and configuration will take less than 30 minutes.

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